Move Mouse - Move Camera (hold Left Click while doing so)

Scroll Wheel - Zoom In/Out

Left Click - Pick and Place components, and Cycle component variations once it is placed

Right Click - Delete components

R - Rotate (Hover over component with cursor and press R)

F - Flip (Hover over component with cursor and press F)

C - Change Color

**There is no objective to this (at least as of yet) this is just a sandbox with a MC Redstone inspired system. I've planned to add a tutorial and make this sandbox into a puzzle game but I got busy with other things and this project was kinda left behind. So today (3 months later since I last touched this project) I am uploading it unfinished.

For those wondering, the stage is setup as a showcase that visually shows what each component does. The weird machine at the bottom right is a game of rock, paper, scissors that I built. The batteries rep user input (rock, paper or scissors) and the LEDs rep the opponent's input (also rock, paper or scissors). The opponent's choices are always randomized.

Maybe someday Ill actually finish this, imo its kinda cool.

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